When asked; 'Who is my biggest influence regarding my work?' (a question I get asked a fair bit but rarely ask others) My answer is always the same. My late Grandfather stood six foot seven, a giant in a child's eyes, in fact a giant to most people. He made toys, climbed mountains, always wore a blazer (even when climbing mountains), but the thing I remember the most was his painting. I have so many memories of watching my grandfather at his easel whistling away without a care and making the canvas come to life with pastel colours.
He is the reason I began the Coastal Project. The picture above is of his painting box.

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Laura said...

This is a wonderful portrait of a very personal, individual human being whose attention to detail is apparent in his arrangement of paint and organisation of his key of the contents. I see 'PAYNES GREY' has made an appearance, one of my favourites!