Do you want to know the future..Brighton Pier

I had all the intentions of heading coastal in the last ten days. But the thought of spending the night in a trapped in a Mini on some snow deposited road while wrapped in a plastic bag was not at all that appealing. Besides I feared the sea may have frozen. So instead I used this opportunity to scan some of my work which is a job I enjoy as much as a dogs fart.. I can't bare being stuck in doors at the best of times which makes me wonder how I spent so long stuck in a darkroom printing other peoples work back in the day. I have always found that there's something oh so very final about producing a scan of ones work. In case your wondering I always scan my prints, not the neg. This is simply because I have done all the work on the print and got that just right, so the purpose of scanning is just to digitize the image and match it. And that's it.. No jiggery pokery here.

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