Photo London

I was kindly given a VIP pass for the Photo London event by my good friends at Candlestar. And so together with Mrs Doyle I took a wander down to check out the goodies.
Having been part of Paris, LA, and San Francisco Photo (but sadly not this one due to the majority of London galleries being quite naff or bankrupt), I was intrigued to see how it compared.
Asides from the fact that some of the rooms were smaller than my downstairs toilet/ coat cupboard. It was a classy affair with some fine (very fine) work. But having said that I was not particulary bowled over by any one thing, but this was probably due to just far too much going on.
Ideally you need a couple of afternoons to take it all in..
All in all I think London has presented a very fine show which is well worth a look..

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