The dusty desert roads of the Mojave are still calling, so much so that a new series has been created;
A Day In The Desert. 
Sticking with the 6-17 format has given the project what it needed as the long format, unique contrast, vignetting on the edges and other goodies is something which cannot be easily replicated digitally.
Technically the project is a total departure from my past work. Shooting in the middle of the day in bright sunshine and hand holding is a bit like shooting with a big fat compact camera from the 80's. But as I always say; "It doesn't matter how you get there...Just get there."


As an Englishman I have always believed that, like a long country stroll, a day out with a camera should always end with some kind of small reward. With me, and many others, this usually involves food or some kind of beverage be it coffee, tea, or even a fruity cocktail.

  Mojave 2020.

Long live the Road Trip in all it comfort food goodness..