Dungeness. UK 2008/9
I found this little gem tucked away and forgotten on some dusty hard drive. Thinking back it formed part of my By Coastal series made along the British Coastline back in 2008/9. For some reason it didn't make the cut. but perhaps it should of..


When Pin-Sharp just wont do...

My oh My how photography has changed over the years. When I first started larking about with a camera all you needed was a roll of black and white film, a 35mm camera, one lens, and a small dark room, and all for the cost of a weekend in Paris. But these days if you were to believe the hype, that weekend in Paris is more like three weeks at the Hotel Ritz (Paris). There's your fancy camera, a fancy computer, and then of course your fancy software. Of course you could just ditch all that and buy and iPhone instead.. (Ha Ha).
I was recently reading about 'Image Stacking'. Something I realize has been around a while only after having got to grips with the idea of 'Image Stitching. ' Basically the stacking idea is a program is used where lots, and lots, of images are made of the same thing but with each frame there is a tiny change in focus. Then you put them all together and whala. The sharpest image in the world..
Upon seeing such images I am amazed to the point of asking myself, Is this really a photograph? And then I have to ask myself, Is it really worth it? And then have to asked myself,  Am I prepared to waffle on and on trying to make a point? Well no I am not..
I like the 'one take ' method;  I came, I saw, I shot... But that's just me..


Warming up..

As the weather warms up so must I with a few night shots. Its been a fair old while since I counted the Elephants (1 Elephant, 2 Elephant and so on) so a little bit of practice in the garden first..
The lower image reminds me of an William Eggleston image, you know, the one with the light bulb and the red ceiling...


Having never been back to the UK now for a few years I can only watch the joys unfold as the country is thrust back into the dark ages over night. Here in California we are told to stockpile enough food and water for three days in case of a big earthquake, and also have a packed bag ready in case of fire and evacuation. Both of which are very real threats.
My parents have taken their own steps growing an abundance of vegetables in their garden. My father has also brewed a large barrel of Beer and put a few candles in a box.  
I hate what the media can plant in peoples minds and would often witness the effects certain news stories would have on my family growing up in a small Northern town. My only wish now is that I had photographed these moments...


A simple forgotten image taken on the road home from Death Valley.


The Archive

Websites are a funny thing. Too much, too little. Its sometimes hard to know. But from past experience people always want to see more. Yes, we can leave people feeling hungry, but sometimes its good to have an area where all those past images can reside and dipped into over a cup of coffee. And so with that in mind I present, The Archive; A carefully selected jumble of images from plastic cups to frozen Pine trees.  Hopefully there is something for everyone. after all its only taken two decades to produce...




A few years ago after I finished my Virtual Water series I started another project along the LA River. The details regarding the project are on here somewhere! Anyway,  at the time the images just did not do anything for me and they were cast aside like a stale biscuit.
During a website revamp (soon to come) I have been going through the images again and guess what, now I really like them. Its not the first time this has happened, and its something I have read about countless times in journals and old books where the artist puts the work away somewhere only to return sometime later and seeing the work with a fresh perspective. .
So I have put a few on here and will get busy editing and making use of my old-new work...