Where's my tripod...

The days of large format now are behind me now. Although I miss the 'thinking' approach of the large format, I do not miss the expense and sweat that came with it.
The lighter digital cameras have also seen me going tripod free, but given the oppertunity I will opt for the tripod no matter how bright the sun may be.
Looking at the work I shoot now reminds me a lot of Stephen Shores 'American Surfaces' work. That was large format too... Fancy that..


A blue car and other things..

Some very random favourites from my latest road trips.

 Blue Car, Lone Pine 2017
 Basket Ball, Death Valley, 2017
Flowers, Independance, CA, 2017
The girl just before she falls into the water, Lake Tahoe, CA, 2017


A desert day out..

I love the desert, always have. The emptyness and brutal nature of it have always created a certain appeal to me. But of course I always look for those manmade objects to put in a picture..


A doyle Day Out by the Sea..

 The Sea
 An old car
A dirty loo..


Still cannot resist those cars in the landscape. The blue and white against the Malibu sky is a treat..

Malibu 2017


‘I don’t begin a project with an agenda,’ he has said. ‘It begins with a faint vision – one of those whispers on a breeze – that somehow gets a grip on me’ 

Mark Steinmetz


There is  always a story waiting to be told out in the Mojave Desert.
It has become my new escape from the city and always full of quiet happenings..