‘I don’t begin a project with an agenda,’ he has said. ‘It begins with a faint vision – one of those whispers on a breeze – that somehow gets a grip on me’ 

Mark Steinmetz


There is  always a story waiting to be told out in the Mojave Desert.
It has become my new escape from the city and always full of quiet happenings..


I like to joke that the question I get asked the most is, 'What's your favourite color?' but truth be told apart from a Doyle Blue, its this type of green. Somewhere between military and the color of grass...


Returning to the Urban Sprawl...

I recently gave a lecture on my work, my first since moving to the US.

After a brief history of how I got started, darkroom in my bedroom, wandering the streets of the north, printing for this lot and that etc, I touched on my Urban Sprawl series, the first project I shot in large format color.

It was all rather nostagic looking back on old work. So much so, I shot this image on the way home.

It may already be a classic....


And again..

A few goodies from an unplanned trip to the Salton Sea.
After all these years I never grow tired of the place and its constant state of change..

 All images March 2017


Pioneer Town, CA 2017


Its Over..

Mojave Reservoir 2015
Thanks to last months rains in California the mountains now resemble UK's Lake District, green and lush, but without annoying ramblers in matching socks and fleeces...
A few folk have asked if I will be doing comparisson shots from my drought series, but it doesn't really work that way around as theres no drama..
Anyway, the drought is over and the sprinklers are back on as the heat rises. Truth is, no one really cares as long as they have grass..