All Roads lead somewhere..


Somewhere in the Mojave, September 2020.


A hole in the ground, so big and sort of round.

 The desert quest continues as the vastness of the Mojave seems to become, well less vast. 

Although I tend never to rephotograph the same thing, I do revisit the same places. The image here is a great example of how you can drive past the same scene ten times unaware of what may be hiding. Little did I realize there was a large pit full of old cars. It was like discovering a tomb or a bone grave yard, the cars like mechanical beasts laid to rest hidden from view. 


I have worked in hot humid conditions before with my Salton Sea series which although uncomfortable, was also very rewarding. Adding smoke from the recent fires in California and the current heatwave certainly makes things unique and interesting, but I would rather neither existed.

The journey continues..


Hot and fast...

 As mentioned previously, I love the fact that despite what goes on around me, the desert never changes; The same light, the same heat, and a quiet stillness you only find in a desert environment, and more often than not, void of people, especially in the daytime. 

The decision to shoot in the middle of the day has many benefits. No people (as mentioned) because its just too hot, no need for a tripod, (because its very, very bright. ) And a freedom to move quickly (often forced as its so hot). Spending very little time in these places means I am shooting instinctively with less pondering over subject matter. So often in the past I would talk myself out of making an image simply because I spent so long 'waiting' for the light to change and would over thinking things. These images are very different with a quick in and out approach, but I would never call them snap shots..

My wife (a celebrated portrait photographer) was once approached  by a client who said; 

"Why do you get paid so much for shooting a portrait when it only takes five minutes.." 

Her answer;

"Because I can do it in five minutes.."

The quest continues....


Out in the desert even bush fires go unnoticed

Mojave, July 2020

Moving along with my desert project now after finding several goodies in the past month or so.
With this one its all about finding stuff, often by chance, that couldn't really be repeated.
I purposefully make no notes on areas I have been with no directions or maps and never visit the same site twice. My theory behind this is to create a 'snapshot' of the desert rather than seeking out a particular location and hanging around for the light to change. Of course I would be a big fat liar if I said that's what I originally planned...


Bit daft really...

The days of scouting out derelict buildings are probably over for me now, but here and there I still pop in a smelly wasp infected hole of a place (see above) never really knowing to find.
There was a time when everyone seemed to be 'urban x-ing', hoping for and abandoned hospital full of wheelchairs, or an old cinema with the seats and screen still intact.
I think it was all about the thrill of it, the photographs didn't really matter in the end, they were more proof that you were there... Bit daft really....