A desert day out..

I love the desert, always have. The emptyness and brutal nature of it have always created a certain appeal to me. But of course I always look for those manmade objects to put in a picture..


A doyle Day Out by the Sea..

 The Sea
 An old car
A dirty loo..


Still cannot resist those cars in the landscape. The blue and white against the Malibu sky is a treat..

Malibu 2017


‘I don’t begin a project with an agenda,’ he has said. ‘It begins with a faint vision – one of those whispers on a breeze – that somehow gets a grip on me’ 

Mark Steinmetz


There is  always a story waiting to be told out in the Mojave Desert.
It has become my new escape from the city and always full of quiet happenings..


I like to joke that the question I get asked the most is, 'What's your favourite color?' but truth be told apart from a Doyle Blue, its this type of green. Somewhere between military and the color of grass...


Returning to the Urban Sprawl...

I recently gave a lecture on my work, my first since moving to the US.

After a brief history of how I got started, darkroom in my bedroom, wandering the streets of the north, printing for this lot and that etc, I touched on my Urban Sprawl series, the first project I shot in large format color.

It was all rather nostagic looking back on old work. So much so, I shot this image on the way home.

It may already be a classic....