An old friend..

 Very deep swimming pool to the left..

 Large hole in the floor to the right..

 Vile Wallpaper which made me feel quite vomitous..

On a recent Northern jaunt to the homeland I took a trip out with my old mate Dave, a fine fellow and good friend from a bygone era. We met during our A Level in Photography many years ago, and so what better than a wild outing with our cameras.
Heading for the coast the sky began to bruise, but before the rain set in we found refuge in an old abandoned spooky hotel... It was just like old times as we creeped through the haunted rooms looking for danger.
Now I wouldn't call myself an urban explorer as such, but I do still like the thrill of opening a door and discovering a dead body, (only kidding) some nice looking decay...

After an hour or so we eventually found our way outside through a secret door located in the basement and breathed a sigh of relief free from injury.

On our way back to the car Dave told me a fascinating tale of how he had rescued a stranded Dolphin.

It was a good day..

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