Tea, Coffee, Old, New..

Since relocating to the US my tea drinking has been swiftly replaced with coffee. One should not even attempt to seek out a proper cuppa here as it just does not exsist.. I was reminded of this by the image above (found on my dusty hard drive) and had to reminisce for a moment.. Its was as if  Tea was like film and coffee like digital..

Yellow Neon. A technical nighmare.. 2016 

 Glendale Motel 2004. Film made it easy..
Moving on.. My attempts at night photography using a digital camera have been an up and down affair, in particular, highlight control to the point of having to shoot two frames and merge them together, something I am not a fan of. Of course the longer the exposure the more problems one encounters, although I have yet to have issues with noise.
I still prefer the old ways and the purity of one negative and may even consider reaching for the 5/4 kit once again..

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