There are a few things about this i Pad thingy that have me, well, quite baffled.
The first is the fact that they have used a Richard Misrach image (I believe its Pyramid Lake) as the screen saver, and to advertise the product. Fancy that, an image shot on 10/8" neg, digitized and used on a digital product (I have seen a 30/40" print of this and its really no comparison). Bit stupid really, but not as daft as i Dubai by old Joey Sternfeld and all shot on the i phone. I have an i phone just like everyone else and the only thing its good for is photographing nothing, but I have mentioned this before on the mode that was B, that was B Mode, so will stop there...

What is it with all these Great American photographers trying to keep up with the youth of today. You've had your fun, you produced fabulous work. Now enjoy your riches and C Type prints. Don't be the granddad trying to do push ups...
Its like that middle aged twit with the mullet and silver suit that thinks he can break dance or is it called something else these days. Just don't do it..

The other thing about this i pad is its just far too big for my pocket..

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