Following on from my last post I realised I have mentioned little about my last en devour to the Borders, but truth be told, it really was quite straight forward. There were no bear fights or camping disasters. No dramatic weather or being trapped on small islands. No run in's with the law or propositions by prostitutes. There was of course the tale of terror in the old shower room of the deserted bunker, but now looking back on the contact sheets I fear I may be a bit of a wimp and the green cow patt stains on my shirt are now but a memory.. ( see post, You wont catch me in there without a camera).
All in all though the trip was a success and I have the beginnings of a great project. My choice of camera did however set the bar a little higher as the 6/17 format is a tricky one to conquer as I didn't want the typical approach most have with this camera which is usually to shoot things straight on, horizon slap in the middle of the frame with a little house in the middle.. What I did find was that working with such a camera did not make me think differently about what I wanted to shoot and I did not go out looking for things 'that would look good in the 6/17 format'. Working on such a format enables you to get closer because its so wide that you get more in around you without having to step back, also, because you make the crop in the camera it never looks cropped on the print.. (hope that makes sense)..
But enough of this whaffle, just watch this space for those long slim images..

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